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    I transplanted these daisies in earth may 8 of 2016. I remember the date, but I'm not telling ya' why. After the bloom expired I clipped them back, and kept feeding them bat guano and silica once a week every week, thats it. A month went by then 2..3 and 4 causing me to wonder when the hell are they going to bloom again??!!

    Unbeknownst to me daisies don't like overly wet soil conditions. I read in to how to care for them but apparently not far enough in the first time

    A couple weeks after pulling back, sure as shit I started seeing action. I kept them on the silica and guano right through. Heres what resulted, I was pretty impressed. They got too heavy to hold upright, I actually had to tie them up off the ground. Thats after staking and stringing them.

    Too bad they didnt have time to finish blooming before colder temps were setting in late october. You can see how it started causing brownish ugly discoloration on what was the brightest vivid yellow I ever seen. pretty spectacular.

    They went back into action this spring. I'm repeating what I did last year thinking I can prolong the vegetative state and have them do one single big bigger bloom. Kinda like how me manipulate mj, can we do it with daisies too?
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    only one way to find out! Can't wait to see how she does!
    lol stoner.

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